Sunday, 5 January 2014

First catch of 2014...

2014 has started with many of the waters I fish being inaccessible and in some cases totally unfishable due to flooding. This is a shame as I have got the predator bug at the moment, plus a whole load of lures for Christmas which I am dying to try out!
A friend suggested I had a bit of fun on Pump Lake, Littlebourne with some maggots which appealed greatly aside from, for one reason or another, I couldn't make it to the tackle shop to buy any and so contented myself to gather some worms for one rod and settled on fishing the method on the other.

This was only ever going to be a short session as I had other commitments in the afternoon. I fished the worms on a running ledger and quiver tip and in spite of very frequent bites, found it very difficult to hit any of them. My guess is that small fish were taking the end of the worms and not the larger carp or tench I was hoping for taking the whole bundle in theirs mouths. Still, this served to keep me occupied whilst waiting for my first proper run on the method feeder.
The first fish came in the form of this 6 1/2lb mirror carp at about 10am and an hour later another, slightly smaller fully scaled mirror of 5lb but in my opinion one of the most beautiful fish I have ever had the pleasure of catching!

 I packed up reluctantly at 11:30am as I had had a great time and felt that if I could stay longer there would almost certainly be more fish in the net. I have lots of hopes for my angling this year, cards which shall be kept close to my chest for now, but todays session has certainly got things off to a good start.

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