Thursday, 17 April 2014

Bury Hill

Just a quick diary entry today about yesterdays visit to Bury Hill. It was my first time to this venue and I was very excited about the prospect of catching a spring tench or two. I had hoped to fish Milton lake with this in mind but it was closed for a match and so I settled on the 'Old Lake' which holds some very special fish. In spite of leaving early enough to arrive as the complex opened, I didn't get there until gone 10am due to an accident on the M25. On arrival, the sun was shining making hard to believe there had been a frost overnight and a cold easterly wind was hard to ignore.

Old Bury Hill
 My friend, Kent, had an excellent day banking 18 bream averaging 3 or 4lb each and managed 1 tench which was his last fish. I struggled a little in all honesty catching only 8 fish. 4 of these were bream, only 1 was a decent slab. I had 3 perch, the biggest might have made 8oz but the fish which made my day was this - my first ever Zander!!! It took 3 red maggots under my porcupine quill float right on the bottom. I would like to target predators here one day, perhaps later this year when they are back in season but this was a lovely surprise!

My PB Zander!
In some respects the day was a little disappointing; having travelled a long way with high hopes and then not catching my quarry but a number of factors were stacked against us. At least we both caught something! I have never fished such a well kept venue though. This place is pristine! With a bit more of a feel for the lake and in warmer weather I shall hopefully return and catch a tinca or two!

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